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When you see Fertility, it means this is a period of growth, creativity, abundance and prosperity in your life. It indicates that it is time to safely move plans or ideas forward to their next stage of development. The card number is three and it’s the number of creativity and growth. So any projects you are working on should be coming together quite nicely at this stage. It is your turn to have things work out in your favour, to be blessed. Embrace your future and watch your dreams come true.

Fertility brings opportunity to consciously cleanse and re-balance all the the old energies making room for the energies of love and infinite potential. It brings the energy of abundance and prosperity and increases the knowledge of the self to rise above the mundane so hope and life are born anew. Feel empowered through considering what you truly value in life, and explore this via your physical senses. Fertility suggests that if you have any ideas or plans then the time is ripe to give birth to them by putting them out into the world where they can be experienced by all. Maybe you’ve been wanting to change career, this energy supports that move. The energy will help any new business or project flourish and grow once you go about it in a down to earth manner. It also supports the home-based business, especially if it’s creative or wholesome.

It’s a time to get in touch with your feminine side whether you are male or female. So get out in nature and enjoy the fruits of mother earth and open yourself to the life-force of the Universe. You may become aware of the magic of the natural world around you. In regards to relationship, Fertility means committed relationships become deeper and more meaningful.

In regards to health, the negative aspects of this card can denote laziness, sexual transmitted diseases, and stress from making poor lifestyle choices.

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