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Black Magic Specialist Astrologer Pandit Dharma Ji offers two types Black Magic Serices. The services will be related to applying black magic and permanent black magic removal. In order to apply black magic on your desired person, we will help you in each step of Black Magic. First of all, you will have to tell us the purpose of applying black magic. Secondly, you will have to introduce your desired person to us. This is because, we have to check the case whether there is another black magic applied or not. But, you do not have to worry about this verification. We just use these methods to provide accurate solutions to our clients.

White magic is used for miracle purposes like in a circus, or many people in foreign countries use White magic to have fun in public places to get attraction. On the other hand, Black Magic is used to destroy enemy, or any desired person, to harm someone, to kill any person, and so on. Black Magic is more dangerous than White Magic. It requires proper attention and precautions while applying. If it is applied under bad conditions, then it may have unbelieveable side effects.

Black magic is not something new. It has been in use since time immemorial and involves the use of various tantras and mantras to overpower the evil forces for the sole purpose of harming a person. A yajna or animal sacrifice may also be conducted so as to please the evil forces. It is basically done to attain some personal objectives relate to love, family, personality or profession.

Black magic spells are very harsh and complicated as it must be removed with the best cleansingtechniques by showering huge positive energy. This can be done only by Pandits who possess a high level of yogic power and ability.

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