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When you feel like a tilt, the Aura Clean Up / Chakra Balancing Technique helps you clean and balance your energy field. Often at the end of the session, the client answers, "I feel lightweight", which is a clear definition of the healing outcomes.

These methods are very useful for any person who has a lot of drugs or is anesthetized, or who has undergone radiation or chemotherapy. In addition, it is good for drug addicts or substitutes to be helpful - to help eliminate the energy intensity and desires of violence.

If someone is relieved of the disease or the substance abuse, they may begin to feel ill, or come back soon, even though the body is not cleaned. In the end, energy-scattered remnants of our bodies are something that can filter and affect the body and give the same signs as before. When a person goes to the doctor, they can not find the right thing in the body. Later, energy is healed and symptoms appear to clean the aura of the residue. It is important for anyone who is getting rid of illness or drug addiction to clean their auras. After this procedure, they feel great. At some stage, anesthesiologist will have his own energy 20 years later. So imagine an anesthetic who has undergone multiple operations and is often anesthetized! Then why do do they feel so weak and lack of energy?

The Healing Touch Program (a large-scale research project that confirms its sensitivity) will monitor a person who has a "mental image" of radiation therapy for a given organ, and energy to clean the energy field. What they found was that the body needed to radiate it - the rest were released from the energy field! Thus, it does not cure the treatment that has the desired effect on the body being treated. The mind of our body is so great! Healing energy is intelligent and the body is so effective, so healing is effective because his body knows where and what priority is most needed.

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